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new symbiosis

Inseparably connected with nature

Climate change and biodiversity loss characterise our times. In the Anthropocene nature and culture are no longer separated worlds. What does it mean to be so entangled with nature?


New symbiosis develops and presents content about new ways of living together with non-humans in the 21st century. Projects and organisations can seek advice about how to be more of this time in the Anthropocene.


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Lectures, presentations, courses

and workshops

Lectures, presentations, courses and workshops concerning topics as the relation between man and nature in the Anthropocene, ecological self-consciousness, a changing world image and dealing with climate change and biodiversity loss.

Exhibitions, programmes

and exhibits

Content development of exhibitions, events and exhibits concerning the relation between man and nature: from concept to programme.


Missions, visions

and strategies

Consulting services for missions, visions, multi-annual plans and strategies. How can projects and organisations connect more or gain more relevance in times of climate change and biodiversity loss?

Think tanks, reading groups

and brainstorm sessions

Thinking together about changed relations and new perspectives in the Anthropocene and how this influences specific business situations, attitudes to life or working methods.

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New symbiosis is an initiative of Anne van Leeuwen. She studied art history, cultural analysis and biology. From 2013 she worked at ARTIS on a new museum about the relation between man and nature in the Anthropocene. She then joined ARTIS as a content developer, project coordinator for education, chairman of the arts committee and member of the ARTIS-Kring advisory committee.

Since 2018 she is a board member at the Embassy of the North Sea. Together with scientists, artists and policy makers, she researches and rebuilds the relations between humans and non-humans in and around the North Sea. Together with her partner she is currently setting up a carbon-positive, biodiverse production farm with a learning center called

Bodemzicht (soil perspective).


“Nature is no longer outside us, but beneath our feet and she shakes us...”

Bruno Latour

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Anne van Leeuwen​​


Amsterdam, Netherlands
KvK-number 73647535

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